CDON Connect – Now It’s Easier Than Ever to Sell Online

CDON Connect is a versatile tool that offers all necessary features to conduct sales at CDON Marketplace. It’s easy to use and tailored to give you the most convenient and stable e-commerce experience possible.

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Smart Features for a Better
E-commerce Experience

Made by e-tailers, for e-tailers

CDON Connect includes lots of smart features. You can track your sales in real-time, generate sales reports and detect which of your products customers have put in their wishlists. You also have the possibility to easily add or edit your products with our new drag-&-drop feature.

Attract Business Customers with CDON B2B

Besides having the possibility to conduct sales at our four Nordic markets (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) we now offer sales to businesses – through CDON’s B2B site. Seize the opportunity to discover even more potential customers today!

How do I upload my products on CDON Marketplace?

Uploading products should be as painless as possible. Depending on the amount of products you have and the technology you use today, we can help you in different ways. Therefore, we have developed several different alternatives to use when it comes to product upload.

More Features & Benefits

Generate Sales Reports

You can easily generate sales reports and financial documentation, which makes your work with accounting easier.

Participate in Our Campaigns

Be sure to keep an eye out for our next campaign and take the opportunity to increase your sales and exposure at the marketplace.

Wishlist – What the Customers Want

Discover which of your products customers have put in their wishlists and acquire great insights about consumer behavior at the marketplace.

Your Top Selling Products

Keep track of your top selling products, in real-time, to optimize your assortment based on trends and demands.

Order Tracking Made Easy

Get full control of your orders – from buy button to final delivery. With improved tracking you can easily detect problems that might occur during the parcel’s journey. Act fast and keep your customers happy!

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